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Create Your Own Paid Survey Website

The Create your own paid survey site system is set up to show a beginner how to set up their very own website. There are several links below, which will take you different versions of the system. The first version is a simple, one page website that you can duplicate and modify with your survey referral links. The second, is a multiple page website which you can also modify with your own links. The first is a bit easier to set up where the second looks more professional and will give you a better understanding as how to create a real website with multiple pages. Whichever version you choose, it will contain step-by-step instructions to get it up and running.

When you click on one of the links below, it will look as if you are at another website. This will be the site you are duplicating. You have my permission to duplicate the pages that these links will take you to. Please make sure you are only duplicating these specific pages, and not pages that are part of Free Paid Surveys. You can easily tell the difference by looking at the bottom of the page. Pages that are part of this program will not contain an "unauthorized duplication prohibited" clause. You'll also find some links back to Free Paid Surveys in each version. On the one page version you will see it at the bottom of the page and on the multiple page, you'll find it on the links page. Either way, I no longer require that you leave these links, but would appreciate a link back in some form for providing the system.

Here are the two different versions; both contain the duplication instructions. If you do not want to pass on duplication instructions to your viewers, simply delete the duplication instructions, which includes the "takepart.html" and "referral.html" files in the multiple page version.

Property of Chris Ohlson, Free Paid Unauthorized duplication in part or in full prohibited.