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Would you like to be a part of the Free Paid Surveys Network?

This page will show you how you can set up your very own website, just like this one, to maximize the amount of money you can make through paid online survey referrals.

The Free Paid Survey Network is dedicated to providing FREE and honest information on paid online surveys. We are also dedicated to helping you make the most out of your paid survey experience. This system is designed so that whether you are an experienced webmaster or have never created a website before, you can create your very own paid online survey website. You will basically be downloading a copy of this site, in it's original form (I may have added some additional content of my own) and modifying it with your referral links. It's really very simple, and even if you are a complete beginner, you'll have your new site up and running in no time. This system is set up not only to help you make some extra money with paid surveys, but is also intended as a learning tool. Not only will you have a great little paid online survey site when you are done, but you will have learned a great deal about creating websites, referral programs and making money online in general.

The following steps will walk you through creating your own Free Paid Surveys Network website. You may want to print these out. The following instructions should be more than sufficient for you to create your website, but, if you have never created a website before and if you have time, I would recommend going to and going through their beginner tutorial, it will help you to understand some of the instructions a bit better. Also, if you have any questions, use the email link to the left:
  1. Create a folder on your computer where you will store your survey website files.
  2. Download a copy of this website. This is a zip file, so you'll need WinZip or some other kind of Unzipping software. When you click on the link, you will get a dialogue box, click the "Save" option and save the zip file into the folder you created in step 1. Once the download is complete, you can click "Open" when the dialogue box prompts you to or you can click close and manaually go to the zip file and open it. Here is the download link Free Paid Surveys Network Download.
  3. Once the zip file is open, you will see 6 files in it. Select all of the files (click on the first file to highlight it, then hold down the shift key and click the last file. This should highlight all of the files), and either drag them into the same folder or you can right click, copy and then paste them into your folder. You should now have 6 html (webpage) files and the original zip file.
  4. Open your copy of this page. Find the file called referral.html in your folder and open it. By using your copy to read through, all of the links that follow will open YOUR pages.
  5. Next, find the file called index.html and open it. This is your website homepage. If you click on the links in the yellow sidebar, it will take you to the other pages that you saved. Go back to your index.html file (Home) if your not already there.
  6. With your homepage open in front of you, go up to "view" and then "source" on your browser. This will open up the page in a text editor, (probably notepad) so that you can see the html code for the page.
  7. Just slightly down the page, you will see an indented section, with a bunch of lines starting with <P>. In the line you will see "mailto: and an email address. Replace the email address with your email address. Be sure to leave the "mailto: in front of your email address and the " at the end. Now go up to "file", "save". You just made your first modification to your website. To see your changes, go back to your browser and hit the "refresh" button. The email link will still look the same, but if you click it, it should open up a new mail message and have your address in the To field. This is basically the process you will use through the rest of the modifications. You will make a change in the text file, and save it, then go to your browser, hit "refresh" and you'll be able to see the changes.
  8. This is the only change neccessary on the home page, so you may close the text file.
  9. Next go to your information and tips page. You can do this by either clicking on the "Info and Tips" link on the sidebar of your homepage, or by going to your folder and opening the info.html file or by clicking here.
  10. Once opened, follow the same process as above to modify the email link. Make sure to test your link when you are finished. Again, this is the only link that needs to be modified on this page, so you may close it when you are done.
  11. Now do the same thing to resources.html, takepart.html, and referral.html
  12. The next steps are for modifying the paid online survey list and require that you have some basic referral knowlege. Open your About Referrals page by clicking the link, or opening referral.html from your folder. Read through the basic referral information and notice this list of paid survey sites. The Notes column in the table shows which survey sites fall into which category of referral. You may want to print the referral page as well.
  13. Now we'll begin to modify the paid online survey list. These will be the most involved steps. First we need to compile a list of referral links. Open your favorite text editor (MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc). Now go to the survey list on the About Referrals page. Find the first paid survey site with "Referral" marked in the notes column. Go to that survey site (either by clicking the link or using your bookmark for the site), login to your account and find the section on referring people. This may be marked referral program or refer a friend or tell a friend. Find your referral link. Copy your referral link and paste it into the text document that you just opened. Save the text document in your folder. Now do this for the rest of the sites marked "Referral" in the notes column. When you are done, you should have a list of referral links for all of these sites, with the exception of several whom only allow a referral by you sending an invitation through their site.
  14. Now open your Survey List or surveylist.html. Go to "view", "source" and open the html code for the page. First you'll want to change the email link, just like in the first couple of steps.
  15. Next, make sure you have your text document with your referral links open. Scroll down the survey list page and find the start of the survey list table. You will see that each survey site has its own little grouping of text. Each listing will look something like this (the red italics are what you need to replace):

     <TD><a href="referral link">
      Survey Site Name </a></TD>

    Find the listing for the first site that you have on your referral list. Copy your referral link from your list and paste it over top of the referral link for the listing. Be sure to leave the  <TD><a href=" at the beginning and the " at the end.
  16. Now do this for the rest of the referral links that you have on your list, saving as you go.
  17. Before you can apply as an affiliate of join an ad network, you need to have a website. Additionally in order to join an ad network you need to have your own domain name. So, you have two options. You can either purchace some webspace with a domain name, or you can use a free webhost and just not join an ad network just yet. The first option will actually save you a bit of time and effort and work better for you in the long run, but will cost you money up front. The second will be free to start (you could start free and generate enough to pay for your webspace and domain name), but, if you plan on joining an ad network (which generates more referral money than the other two methods combined), will cause you to eventually abandon the free site, switch over to your new site, and any links from anyone you sponsored previous to your switch will be pointing to a page you don't use anymore. Also, if anyone has your site bookmarked, you'll actually be changing your web address. I would recommend going the free route at first. Try it out and make sure it going to work for you, generate some cash and then purchase your own webspace and domain, but either way will work. To find a free web host here's a great site to find one Free-Webhosts. If you choose to purchase one now, or later, here's one I can highly recommend Aplus, but I'm sure there are other good ones out there as well.
  18. Signup for your webspace and upload your site to the web. Any webspace you have signed up for will have instructions on how to upload your site to your webspace. Follow those instructions to upload all of the files in your folder except for the text document you made with your referral links on it.
  19. Open your web browser and type in the address of your website that you were given from your webhost. Make sure your page is there, then double check all of your links. Congratulations, you have a webpage.
  20. Now that you have a webpage, you can apply for the affiliate sites. Here are the links to sign up for the affliate programs:
    You will need to give them your personal information and website address. You will have to then wait a few days for them to review your site and send you your affiliate link. They will also send you a link where you can check your account. Once you receive your affiliate links, go back to your Survey List or surveylist.html and replace the referral links for these sites, as you did before. You may also want to ad these links to you text document of referral links as well for future reference.
  21. While you are waiting for your affiliate links, you can modify your Links Page or resources.html. With your links page open go to "view", "source" and open the html for the page. Scroll down and change the email address as before. Then scroll down to where you see the comment line that starts with "Sponsor Links". Place a link to your website in between this comment line (a comment starts with <!-- and ends with --> and cannot be seen on the actual webpage) and the "End Sponsor Links" comment line. Follow the same format as the other links on the page. The code for your link should look something like this when you are finished:

    <A HREF="">YourWebSiteName</A><BR> (The BR is a line break)
    A short description of your website.

    I realize it may seem a bit odd to place your own link on your links page, but this is primarily so that when you update the zip file for others to download, they will be displaying your link on their links page. Once you have updated the zip file, you can actually delete this link on your links page if you wish, but it does no harm to leave it there either.
  22. Now lets update the zip file. Open the zip file that you originally downloaded. Drag your modified files from you folder into the zip file, replacing my files with yours.
  23. Before you forget, upload both the links page and your zip file to your webspace, overwriting the ones that were there. Remember, any time that you change something on your webpages on your computer, you need to upload the changed files to your webspace. It is also a good idea to double check all of your links and changes once you have done so.
  24. The next step is to start promoting your site. If you intend to get your own domain name and join an ad network, then you need to have traffic in order to qualify. If you don't intend on doing this, then you just need some traffic to start getting referrals. Below is a small list of some good FREE ways to generate some traffic to your Free Paid Survey Networks website.
    • Refer friends and family. This is the most effective way to start out. Send out an email telling your friends and family about taking online surveys. Be sure to include your website address.
    • Traffic Exchanges. This is the easiest way to generate enough traffic to meet the traffic requirements of an ad network. It's also a great way to get some referrals. Here is a great little Traffic Exchange System that will recommend some good traffic exchanges, as well as, show you how to surf multiple exchanges at once to get thousands of hits.
    • Use message boards and forums. There are tons of message boards and forums out there, post a message and include a link to your website.
    • Add a signature to your email with your website address. Most email programs will allow you to add a signature to ALL outgoing email.
    • It Pays To Learn. One of the very sites that you signed up for is one of the best places to advertise your site. By earning QuizBucks, by taking quizzes, you can run banner ads on their site for FREE, Very effective. You can also find more information Here.
    • Banner Exchanges. There are many banner exchanges out there, they are not extremely effective but they are usually free.
    • Paid to Read email sites. If you happen to be a member of PTR email sites, you can usually run quite a few ads by either using points or by using some of the money you've earned by reading email.
    • Offline Advertising. You can hand out flyers, look for community bulletin boards or make business cards to hand out.
    • Free Online Classified Ads. These don't work terribly well, but again they are free.
  25. Hopefully you are now generating some traffic to your website, as well as some cash from it. If you do not intend to get your own domain name and join an ad network, then you can skip to #35. If you do, then keep reading.
  26. OffersQuest, which is by far my favorite ad network, has a minimum of 3,000 hits per month requirement. Now with a free account, this is going to be hard to judge, unless you find some kind of counter code to add to your site (do a web search to find some free ones). Once you have purchased some webspace, you will be provided with plenty of traffic tools for this. You can easily get 3,000 hits using the Traffic Exchange system above. Once you feel that you can meet this 3,000 hit minimum, then purchase some webspace and a domain name. Again, I will recommend Aplus, but there are other good one's out there as well. Once you have your new webspace, you will need to update your sponsor link on your links page, and also in the zip file. Once you've done this, upload all the files from your folder to your new webspace.
  27. If you were using a free webhost to begin with, you may want to make a webpage with a message saying that your website has moved and a link to your new site.
  28. Once you have your own domain name and enough traffic, go ahead and apply for OffersQuest. There are a few others on your Referral page, but I would start with OffersQuest.
  29. Again you will have to wait a day or two to be reviewed and accepted. Once you are, login to your account, go through the campaigns and find the survey sites that you are going to use on your site. Refer to the table on your referrals page for the ad network sites, they will be labelled "ad networks" in the notes column. Get your ad network link for each of the sites, again you may want to paste them into your text document with your other links. Make sure you also sign up for the OffersQuest affiliate program, so you can replace the OffersQuest links on this page.
  30. Go to your Survey List and replace the links to those survey sites that are offered through ad networks with your OffersQuest links.
  31. Now, replace the Survey List file in your zip file and upload both the zip file and the survey list to your webspace. Don't forget to double check it when you are done.
  32. The last step in modifying this site is to update this page. Find and replace my OffersQuest link with your OffersQuest affliliate link. If your Webhost offers an affiliate or referral program, then replace my webhost recommendation with yours. In the "Promoting your website" section, there are three other systems referred to. If you have duplicated these, then replace my link with yours. Again once you are done, update your zip file and upload this file to your website.
  33. Now, have some fun. Modify the site to your liking, just be mindful of the conditions the the conditions file. Experiment with differnt colors, add content to your site, add survey sites to your survey list, etc... Again, here is the link to PageTutor, which has lots of good information on customizing websites. If you make your own custom changes, I wouldn't update zip file. Just offer up the basic website for duplication. Also, don't forget to upload your files after you've made changes.
That's it. Good Luck and have fun!