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Whether you are a complete NEWBIE or an old PRO, this FREE traffic exchange system will work for you. This is a great system for those who are new to generating traffic, those with little or no advertising money or those looking for another cost effective avenue to advertise their site. This system uses MULTIPLE traffic exchanges, AT ONCE, to help you earn 1,000's of hits per day in as little as an hour. It's easy to understand, easy to accomplish and will take you through the very basics of website promotion and referral systems. And best of all it's 100% FREE!

So, if you're ready, let's get started.

First of all, bookmark this page. You may not want to complete all of this in one sitting. I would also recommend printing this page out. Take your time and review the sites that we'll be visiting. You may even want to spread this out over several days. Before you know it you'll be up and running.

We'll start with a very basic definition of what a traffic exchange is.
A traffic exchange is a site that has many members who opted to sign up and exchange hits with each other. Basically, you view another members site and another member will view yours. Now the ratios vary from site to site, some are 2:1 (you view 2 sites and yours will be viewed once) some more, some less. Most of these sites have a paid upgrade that will provide you with a better hit ratio, 1:1 for example as well as other incentives - cash for clicking, bonuses, etc... But for now, unless you are experienced with this, we're just going to stay with the FREE option. Once you are familiar with how everything works (you'll be an old pro within a week or so), you can go to the individual sites and decide if an upgrade is worth it.

Now, these traffic exchanges have several ways in which you can earn hits, each one is different. We are going to concentrate solely on "surfing" for traffic. You will go to the sites "surfing" page and you'll have a split screen. A large portion, which will display the other members sites and a small section which will have a counter, a button or two and the credits you've accumulated. Once the timer runs out, you'll click to the next site and gain a credit. This system is going to show you how to view and click through multiple sites at once. Instead of just staring at the timer waiting for it to click down, you'll be viewing and clicking through on MULTIPLE SITES. It'll then walk you through recreating a site of you're own, just like this one, so you can build a referral network that'll rack up massive hits for YOU whenever THEY click. That's when the real fun begins. If at any point during this process you are having difficulties, please do not hesitate to send me an email I'll try to help out.

STEP 1. Signing up for FREE Traffic exchanges

Now we'll sign up for some traffic exchanges. There are tons of them out there, but for now, we'll just concentrate on these. Once you have the system down, you'll be able to add or remove sites as you choose. You can also check back to this site from time to time as I'll probably add more sites or modify the one's I have. I've put these into several groups based on where you have to click to get credits. The auto-run programs require no clicking. This is great for when you're watching TV or something. DON'T limit yourself to these though, otherwise you'll be limiting your audience and, in my opinion, sites on the auto-surf programs don't get as much attention.

Now let's start signing up. Before you get started, make sure you have the URL(s) (website address) of the site that you are going to promote. If you are going to promote multiple sites, make sure you have the URL handy for all of them. This might be an affiliate type website, or one you've created yourself. You can promote any website you'd like, with the exception of adult and illegal sites. Also if your site contains pop-up ads you'll ned to check each traffic exchanges policy regarding pop-ups.

Click on each link below and sign up for the site. Some of them will ask you to enter your URL, be sure to enter the site(s) you wish to promote. You don't need to worry about checking their sites out too much just yet. After you've signed up, each will send you a welcome email. Create a separate folder in you mail program to put them in. They'll contain your username, password, login site and possibly your referral link (very important). Don't worry about going through your welcome emails just yet, we'll cover that in step 4. Now this is a huge list, so, if you'd like, split it up into batches. Sign up for say, 10 or 15, complete the next steps of the system, and then come back and sign up for another batch, or the rest.


MightyHit Runaway Hits
SPP-CrazyHits Traffic Flare
CLICK-THROUGH: Bottom click location
ClickAholics ClickinFingers
Elite Surfer Fastlane-Traffic
Fontoon Funny Farm
Hits for You Lots More Hits
No More Hits Raging Bull
Referral Traffic
CLICK-THROUGH: Top click location
Bionic Hits Click Crazy
Click Silo ClixSwap
Eternal Hits Fast Freeway
Hits For Hits Hit Pulse
Hit Shark Hit Sense
Hit Snapper Hybrid Traffic
iLoveClicks MPAM
Rewarding Traffic Share-Traffic
Start Frenzy Top Surfer
Traffic Exchange Traffic G
Traffic Run Traffic Swarm
Virtual Traffic Jam Web-Biz-Solutions
CLICK-THROUGH: Moving click location
Cash Clicking Global-Surf-Pro
Hit Harvester Hit Hurricane
Hit Safari
StartXchange Traffic Roundup
Vinterchange WebBizInsider
Before you start opening your welcome emails and logging into your accounts we are going to set up your new browser. This will save a bit of time and keep things a bit more organized.

STEP 2. Download tabbed browser

Now that you're signed up for your traffic exchanges, it's time to download a new browser that will allow you to view multiple pages at once. There are several out there that will allow you to do this but my personal favorite is Avant Browser Download it now. There will be a section that asks if you like to install the Roboform plugin also, I would highly recommend it. IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING ROBOFORM USER, I would recommend creating a backup of your passcards. Installing the Roboform plugin should not overwrite your existing passcards, but I would make a backup just to be safe. If you are using a free version of Roboform, you can either NOT download the plugin or install the plugin and reinstall the free version when you are done. If you are using the pro version of Roboform, you have nothing to worry about, or if you'd like to purchase the pro version you can purchase it HERE. Roboform will save your passwords for you, so if you choose not to use it, just be sure you have all of your passwords saved. Once Avant Browser is installed, you don't have to make it your default browser if you don't want, and your favorites will automatically be imported.

STEP 3. Setting up your browser

Open up Avant Browser. Go to the tools menu. Put a check mark next to these items: Block Unwanted Pop-ups, Disable Flash Animations, Disable Sounds and Disable Videos. This will make allow you to make the most of your bandwidth and allow you to surf more pages at once. Now go to your favorites. Create a new folder by clicking on "Favorites" - "Organize Favorites" - "Create Folder" and label it "Traffic Exchanges". Now, while still in the organize favorites section. Click on the Folder you just created (Traffic Exchanges) and create another folder, label it "Logins". Now create the following folders, also in the "Traffic Exchanges" folder: "Auto", "Bottom", "Top-1", "Top-2", "Top-3" and "Moving". So now you will have a folder in your favorites called "Traffic Exchanges" which contains the following folders: "Logins", "Auto", "Bottom", "Top-1", "Top-2", "Top-3" and "Moving".

STEP 5. Login, Bookmark and Get your Referral Link

By now you should have received your "Welcome" emails. They should all contain a link to your member login page, your username and password. You may want to write down your username and password for future reference. If your referral link is in the email, you'll want to copy and paste the address into a text document of some kind. You can use notepad or wordpad (both found under accessories in windows) MS Word, Excel or anything else that you like or write them on a piece of paper, you'll just have to type it in later. I would go through the emails in the same order that the sites are listed above in the sign-up section. Start with the Auto-Surf section and work your way down. It would probably be helpful to have them printed out on paper so you can mark them off as you go.

Follow the following process for each Welcome email:
  1. Open the email.
  2. Look to see if it includes your referral link. If so, copy and paste the link into the text document you started.
  3. If you wish to write down your username and password, do it. I just save my welcome emails for reference.
  4. If there is a confirmation link, click it. You'll need to confirm your account before you do anything else.
  5. Click on the Login link, if there was a confirmation link you may be able to login after clicking it.
  6. Once at the login page, bookmark the page to your "Logins" folder that you created earlier.
  7. Now login to your account, if you are using the Roboform plugin, it will pop-up and ask if you'd like to save your information, choose yes.
  8. Once in your account, take a minute to familiarize yourself with it. They are all different. Look at how the referral system works, how the credits work, and the different sections of your account.
  9. If you did NOT receive your referral link in you welcome email, find it now. Copy and paste it as stated above.
  10. Find the section that shows your site URL. This could be right on the front page, or there may be a link that will say "My Sites" or "My URL" or "Manage URLs" or similar.
  11. Some sites only allow you to advertise 1 site, but most will allow multiple sites. Add your sites, both the main site you wish to ad, and the URL that you set up earlier to duplicate this site. Be sure to follow the instructions, some of them want you to test your site before it's added. You'll be able to come back to this section in the future and add other sites if you wish.
  12. Now that you've got your sites added, you need to assign credits to your site. Some of them do this on the same page as adding your sites, some you will have to look for "Assign Credits". Simply read the directions as to how to assign credits. Most will offer an auto-assign feature, where credits are automatically assigned to your sites as you add them. You can usually set a percentage for each site. For now I would set each at 50%, but you can set it up however you want. A few of the sites you will need to manually assign credits as you accumulate them. You may want to create a separate folder in your favorites to put these in so you don't forget to go in and assign them.
  13. Once you got your sites set up find the link for the surf for credits page. This may be labeled "Surf for Credits" or "View for Credits" or simply "Surf". Click the link.
  14. Now you'll be in the surf window. Bookmark the site in your favorites in the correct folder. For example, if the site you are on is listed under "Auto-Surf" above, bookmark it in your "Auto" folder. Separate the top group into three sections, the first 8-10 in "Top-1", the next in "Top-2", etc...
  15. Feel free to surf for a while to get the hang of it and rack up a few credits.
  16. Go back and repeat this process for all of the sites you signed up for.

Once you've finished setting up all of your sites, close all windows in Avant Browser. You can use the "X" with the half a square over the right hand corner to close all windows or the regular "X" to close them one at a time. Now go to your favorites. Go to the "Bottom" folder and choose "Open All Favorites in This Folder". You'll now see that you have all of your traffic exchanges that have a click location on the bottom, loaded. Go up to "Groups" - "Create New Group". A new window will open and show all of the pages that you have open. Name the group and click OK. Now when you go to groups, you'll be able to see the group you just created. This is important because you can group your sites however you want. You'll want to experiment with how many you'll want in a group. I have a broadband connection and can usually get away with about 10 at a time without too much trouble. This is going to depend on your connection type, the computer you're using and what other "stuff" is running on your computer. When you're surfing multiple pages, you can switch pages by either clicking on the pages at the bottom or by holding down the "ctrl" key and pressing "tab". While I'm surfing the click-through programs, I find it fastest to work the "ctrl" and "tab" keys with one hand to flip pages and the mouse with the other to click through. Also, I like to shut down any other programs that I'm not using.

Here are some common problems that you will likely encounter when running many sites at once:
Your browser will lock-up. This is inevitable, just because you're jamming so much into it. Simply shut it down, if you can, if it won't shut down using the close button, hold down "ctrl + alt + del" select Avant Browser" from the list and click end task. Once it's shut down just open it up again and away you go. If this happens a lot with a particular group, within a short period of time, you might want to make your groups smaller. You will still earn many more hits by surfing many sites at a time and having to restart once in a while than by surfing only one.

One of the sites will lock up but the others don't. The counter will stop working. Simply go the page that has the locked site on it and click the "refresh" (it's the blue arrow) that should do it. If not just choose that site from your favorites or close that window and surf the rest of them.

Another site will take over your window. This is called a "Frame-Breaker". Essentially the site that comes up in the surf window, breaks out of the surf frame. Just go back to your favorites and reset that site. This is highly annoying, and the Traffic exchanges don't like it either. I usually try to report these, copy the address from the address bar, go to the traffic exchanges login page and report the site.


Depending on how many sites you are able to load at once, you should be able to generate around 1,000 hits in an hour or two. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment. When you first start out you will want to dedicate some time to doing just that. Allocate time, every day if you can, to surfing for credits and alternate between your groups to hit different audiences. Of course, you don't want to have to allocate this much time for the rest of your life, so that's where the Second Phase comes in.

STEP 6. Recreating this system with YOUR referral links.

Now, we're going to set you up with your own system, just like this one. Every time someone signs up to the traffic exchanges using your link, you will earn extra hits every time that they surf.

If you've never built a website before, don't worry. You're just going to be duplicating this one and then modifying the referral links so that you receive the credits. If you're not familiar with HTML I would highly recommend downloading this program Xoology Coda. It's a free HTML editor, that color codes the HTML text. You'll be able to find the links you need to replace much easier with this program. If you are familiar with HTML, I would still recommend Coda, it's a very nice editor. You may want to print this next section out, if you haven't already.

If you're not here already, open up Avant Browser and go to this page. Go up to "File" and click, "Save" or "Save As" and save to your machine as type "Web Page, HTML Only", if your new to this save it as "traffic.html" (make sure you remember where you saved it). Next go to the logo at the top (the one that says "Earn Monster Hits"), right click the logo and choose "Save Picture As" and save the logo in the same folder that you saved to webpage in. Then close your browser. Go to the page you just saved and double- click to open it. You'll notice it looks like the page that you were just on. Only, this is YOUR PAGE. Minimize your browser. If you're using CODA, open up CODA, go to "File" - "Open File" and open up the file you just saved. If you are not using an HTML editor, open the file in your browser, go to "view" - "source". You will now be able to see the HTML code for the page. Now open up the document that you saved all of your referral links in. You may want to resize both documents, both the HTML code and your links page, so that you can see them both at the same time. Go to the document with your links in it. Copy the URL for THIS PAGE, that is, the website address where you will be locating this page when you are done. Go back to the HTML code, and at the top there are two lines that say "Replace my website URL with Yours", this will be colored green if you are using Coda. Highlight my URL (next line down, will be dark red in Coda) and paste yours over top of it. Make sure you leave the quotes on either end of your URL. Now go back to your text document with your links on it. Copy your link for AutoHitss, it will start with Now go to your open HTML document and find the section labeled "SWAP REFERRALS", if you are using CODA this will be a large section of green text. Just below, find the AutoHitss link, it will look almost just like the one you just copied, if you are using CODA the actual link will be dark red. Highlight the link and paste your link over top. Be sure to leave the quotes on each end. Now do the same for the rest of the links. Replace all of my links with yours. There are two sections labeled "REPLACE MY EMAIL WITH YOURS", one below the "Swap Referrals" section and one below. Again, if you are using Coda, these will be in green. Type in your email address instead of mine, be sure to leave the "mailto:" on the front and make sure you have quotes on both ends. Click on "file" - "save" to save your changes. Pull your browser back up, your page should still be there. Click on "refresh" to refresh the links. Go down to the sign-up section and click on the AutoHitss link. It should open the sign-up page for AutoHitss, with your referral ID in the address bar. Double check the ID in the address bar to make sure it's yours. Double-check all of the links, including the email links to be sure they are correct.

STEP 7. Upload your page to your webspace.

We are now going upload your duplicated site (traffic.html) and your logo (monster.gif) to the internet. Many Internet Service Providers offer webspace to their customers for free. If this is the case, consult you ISPs website, or call them, as to the best way to upload your website. Simply follow their instructions and then make sure to test the URL. Make sure you upload both the webpage AND the logo being sure to put them in the same folder. Type the URL into the address bar in your browser and make sure your page comes up. Once it does, I would recommend adding your site to your favorites. You may also want to add your URL to the text document with your links on it.

If you don't have webspace already here is a good site that has a huge listing of FREE web-hosts: Free-Webhosts If you are looking to purchase some webspace, here is a good one that I would recommend: Aplus. There are many others out there, so if you like something else, go for it. Once you get signed up for your webspace, explore the provider site and see how it works. Find the login page and add it to your favorites. Again, any of these sites should have detailed upload instructions. Make sure you upload both the webpage AND the logo being sure to put them in the same folder.Follow their instructions and then test your site. Type the URL into the address bar in your browser and make sure your page comes up. Once it does, I would recommend adding your site to your favorites. You may also want to add your URL to the text document with your links on it.

If you are having problems with the instructions provided by your ISP or web host, here is a general discription of how uploading should work. They should have either a way to upload your page (Preffered method) or directly enter HTML to their site.

If there is a section for uploading they will either have a way of directly transferring from your computer to your webspace or they'll give you instructions on how to use an FTP program to upload your site. In either case, you will just need to transfer your file (traffic.html) from your computer, to their servers. Once you've done this the address for your site will be "". After you've added your page to your webspace, be sure to type the link for your website into the address bar, to be sure it loaded correctly. Make sure to bookmark your site for future reference. Also click on the title to be sure that it opens your site in a new window, very important for traffic exchanges.

If there is a section to directly enter HTML, open Coda, or your browser and click "View" - "Source". Open your page. Use your mouse to highlight ALL of the HTML text. Right click and copy, and then paste the text into the section for adding HTML. You'll then have to save or something similar and they may even have a preview button. Make sure you save as "traffic.html". Once you've done this the address for your site will be "" After you've added the HTML to your webspace, type the link for your website into the address bar, to be sure it loads correctly. Bookmark your site for future reference. Also, click on the title of your site, to be sure that it opens your site in a new window, very important for traffic exchanges.

If you are having problems with this step, by all means send me an EMAIL and I'll try to walk you through it.

You now have a fully functional webpage for gaining even more traffic!

STEP 8. Add the link for your new site to your traffic exchanges.

Now that you've got your new site up and running, you need to make it seen. Login to each traffic exchange and add the URL for your traffic site in the "Add URL" section. Make sure to adjust your percentages and allocate credits where applicable. If the exchange only lets you market one site, there are several strategies you can use. You can either just advertise your main site that you would like to have seen or you can advertise your traffic site for a while and then switch you your main site. The later will still allow you to get some referrals to gain extra hits for when you switch to your main site.

STEP 8. Start Surfing

Dedicate as much time as you can to surfing for traffic. Try to alternate between groups to hit the widest audience. Remember the more referrals you can get initially, the more hits you're going to get even when you are not surfing. Make sure that you don't surf too fast. Some of the sites will make you click on other links periodically to make sure you're paying attention, or will offer bonus points from time to time. I try to dedicate an hour or so a day surfing for traffic. With Avant Browser, you can even go to "File" - "New" - "Blank Page" to open a new page where you can do other things while you're surfing. I'll usually set up my Auto-surf programs if I'm watching a movie or something, but make sure you pay at least some attention, they'll sometimes lock-up or a pop-up will get through that you'll need to close. Again, make sure you are not using the Auto-Surf programs exclusively. I know they're easier, but the whole point is to get your sites noticed. You'll get what you put in, the more you surf the more hits you'll get.

STEP 9. Customize your page.

Make a copy of your site on your machine and open it with Coda. At the same time open the file in a web browser. Start playing with the HTML code. If you change something and hit save on Coda, and then refresh the page in your browser, you'll be able to see the changes immediately. Change the heading, add your own wording, add or delete traffic exchanges, etc...

STEP 10. Explore the traffic exchanges.

Many of the traffic exchanges offer other ways to earn either hits or cash, other advertising avenues - such as banner advertising, and upgrade options. Become familiar with them o maximize your exposure. Don't forget to login to those sites that don't auto assign your hits. You will need to manually assign them for your pages to be viewed. And of course, add any other sites that you may have to the rotation.
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