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Privacy Policy

Free Paid Surveys respects your privacy. We have absolutely no intentions to use any information provided to us in any way that would violate your privacy. Since I am not a lawyer, I will try to describe, in layman's terms, what this exactly includes or excludes.

Free Paid Surveys does have a registration feature. Although it is not necessary to register in order to VIEW any sections of the site, it is necessary to register if you would like to SUBMIT to the site via the forum or user reviews.

If you are NOT a registered user, absolutely no information about you is being collected, period.

The only REQUIRED information that you must provide in order to register with us is an email address, a username and a password. All other information is completely optional and only serves to enhance your and others experience. We have intentionally left required information to a minimum to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Use of registration information in the forum. All existing forum posts can be viewed by anyone; you do not need to register. Registering allows you to post messages to the forum. Since the forum is an interactive community, there must be some form of control structure to limit who can and who cannot post. For example, if you have a member who is posting obscene posts, there has to be a way to block that person from posting. Therefore, we require a login, which can be taken away if needed. The forum will also record your ip address for the same person. This is to eliminate the same person posting under different user names. Please remember that any information provided in your profile (registration information), will be able to be seen by other forum members by clicking on the "memberlist". Providing more information will enhance you forum experience, but if you do not feel comfortable with others seeing any of this information, do not include it. Also, keep in mind that any information that you have provided can be modified at any time by clicking on the "profile" button.

Use of registration information in User Reviews. Like the forum, user reviews can be read by anyone without registering. However, if you would like to submit a user review, registration is required. Again the only reason is for a checks and balances system. Since a review system depends on unbiased information, only one user review per site is allowed per person. The only way to control this is through a login and by checking ip address. Once you submit a user review, the only registration or profile information that will be displayed with the review is your username.

The only additional use of registration information is to identify you as a return visitor. The site will identify you as a return visitor IF you have logged in to the site or if you have previously logged in and checked the "Log me on automatically each visit" box (see cookie use below). When the site recognizes you as a return visitor, it will hide introductory text, which it is assumed you have already read and don't need to read again. For example: "Welcome to this page, it will describe such and such to you, if you are new here than be sure to read through this page, etc...". This is to make the site more user friendly for return visitors. If you are a return visitor and would like to see the introductory text, you can simply logout.

Other than when you post to the forum or submit a user review, your activities on the site are not recorded in any way. We do not record when you logged in, what pages you visited, etc...

Cookie use. Free Paid Surveys will place a cookie on your computer if you check the " Log me in automatically each visit" box when you login. The sole purpose of this cookie is to store your login information so that you do not have to login each time you visit Free Paid Surveys.

What we will NOT do!

Now for the important part. Free Paid Surveys will NEVER distribute your registration (profile) information in any way or under any circumstances, unless required by law. This means that I will not sell, give away, casually mention or use your information in any other way than what I have mentioned above. I also will not send you unsolicited emails or email of any kind from a third party. By registering you are not signing up for any kind of list or newsletter or giving me any permission, with the exception to the following, to send you email.

You may receive email from Free Paid Surveys under the following circumstances:

  • When you first register, you will be sent a confirmation email. This is simply to verify a valid email address and contains a link that must be clicked in order to complete registration. This is not only to eliminate invalid registrations, but also to protect you from having someone else register using your email address.
  • In the forum, when you post a message, you have the option to receive an email notification when someone replies to your post. You can also choose to receive email notifications on other posts as well. In either case, this is completely optional and is meant as a convenience to you.
  • If you request that I send you an email. If you send me an email either asking me to send you an invitation, asking a question or giving a comment, I will assume that you would like for me to reply to you email via email. Likewise, if you post a message to the forum specifically requesting me to email you, that's what I'll do. If you would prefer that I not send you an email and you have a question or comment to make, you can post it to the forum. All questions posted to the forum will be responded to via the forum, unless otherwise requested.

Regarding third party links.

Although Free Paid Surveys will try not to include links to third parties who it deems to have unsatisfactory privacy policies, we cannot take responsibility for the behavior and/or policies of any third party represented on this site. We have done our best to carefully screen all survey sites listed within the directories and tried and eliminate those who we feel may not have the best intentions. Although these sites have been reviewed by Free Paid Surveys, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for how any third parties conduct their business or changes to their policies. It is ultimately up to you review and understand each site's own privacy policies and terms and conditions. You will also find other third party advertising throughout Free Paid Surveys. We have reviewed these sites to an extent, however they are not scrutinized as highly as survey site listings. Again, read through any third party's own privacy policies, as well as, any other terms and conditions they may have.

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