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Update you information for Ala Carte Research

February 10, 2005
In an effort to keep their database updated, Ala Carte Research members have been asked to update their information in their paid survey database. The following is the email I recieved.

In our effort to provide the most efficent research possible we have updated our database of market research respondents. Since you have already registered to participate in our research projects we would like you to simply update your information so that we may continue to contact you for future projects. If you no longer wish to participate in our projects you need not respond. As always, for participating in one of our focus groups we will give you at least $40 for your time and opinions and if you participate in or online surveys we will give you either cash or a prize valued at least $20 or more for at least two minutes of your time and opinions.

Here's the link if you need to update your info. Ala Carte Research

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