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Your2Cents Announces New Cash Rewards Program for Paid Surveys

September 27, 2005
Your2Cents now has a new website and a new, exciting rewards program to go with it. As many of you know, Your2Cents tends to send out quite a few free paid survey invitations. However, the compensation for most has been a drawing entry (which actually wasn't too bad because the odds were quite good). But with their new website's new facelift, they have also revamped their rewards system, apparently for the better.

Their new paid survey rewards system has several parts. First, EVERY time you qualify and complete a survey, you are an instant winner from $1 up to $5. Plus, if you don't qualify for that particular online survey, you will still get an entry into their $5,000 cash giveaway, and possibly receive a small cash amount. Secondly, they have also introduced profiles. For each profile that you complete, you'll earn an additional $1.00 the next time you complete a survey, currently there are 6 survey profiles to complete.

You'll now have to login to their site to view your account information, as well as, to request payment of your paid survey earnings. The minimum cashout is only $5.00, making it an easy target to hit. If you are already a member, be sure to look for an email from Your2Cents explaining their new program. It will also contain a link to a short survey and will first ask you for a new username and password for the new system. Here's the link to the new site as well Your2Cents.

So far this looks like a very nice improvement for Your2Cents. I'll keep an eye on it for the next few months, just to be sure. This might just move them up on my free paid surveys list of favorites.

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