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Survey Savvy Launches New Website

July 07, 2005
Survey Savvy has launched it's new and improved website. Although the new site does not offer any new content, the new design is much cleaner and the site as a whole operates much quicker. The one feature I do like, is the way the profile surveys are setup. They are now offered in a dropdown box, which make it easier to tell which ones you have already completed. The site is a nice improvement over the old.

I am also cautiously optimistic, that with the introduction of their new site, that Survey Savvy will begin to send out more paid survey invitations that I may actually qualify for. It seems they have been sending out invites mainly for IT professionals as of late. However, just before their launch of the new site, I did recieve an invite (unfortunatly I wasn't around so I'm not sure what the subject was) and after the launch I noticed a slight surge in earnings from my referrals. Of course this could be circumstantial, but for now I'll keep my glass half full.

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