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Feedback Plus

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Feedback Plus is a company that puts consumers in touch with companies to provide feedback about their products & services.You register with us and then from time to time we contact you about attending a Feedback session to take part in bona fide research.

You get to contribute to the improvement & development of new & existing products and services, and you get PAID CASH for your time! It varies on the time and effort required but as a guideline around $40 for a Feedback session of an hour and a half.

This happens at a number of locations around Sydney - City, Penrith, Bankstown, Liverpool, North Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Concord and Central Coast. Also in Melbourne - City, Dandenong, Frankston and Broadmeadows.

Feedback Plus adheres to all the Federal and State legislation regarding privacy. As well, we adhere strictly to the codes and ethics of the Australian Market & Social Research society (AMSRS). When you register with Feedback Plus you will not be approached to buy products or merchandise of any sort, you will not be pursued if you wish to be removed from the database and your personal details will not be placed on marketing lists whatsoever.

After you register with us we will contact you when an appropriate project arises and ask you some qualifying questions. If you meet the needs of the project we ask your availability to attend a Feedback session. It's that easy.

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