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Executive Advisory Board

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Site Overview
The Executive Advisory Board® is a worldwide group of managers and executives (from managers, executives and directors of smaller companies to those in the largest corporations) who help shape the future through participating in online research surveys and online discussions. The knowledge and advice of Board Members help governmental agencies, universities, and major international corporations make better informed, more intelligent decisions about economic policies and business issues, as well as the products, systems and services provided to major corporations and other businesses.

As a member of the Executive Advisory Board®, you would be paid for every online survey you complete (ranging from a minimum of $10 U.S. to $300 U.S. or more, depending on the length of the online survey). The money can be donated to a charity of your choice, or mailed directly to you. When you complete a very brief questionnaire (called a "screener") to see if you qualify for a survey, you would always have an opportunity to win lucrative cash prizes in a drawing, regardless of whether you were selected to complete the survey. Also, just for being a member, your name would be entered each month in a drawing for $250 in cash prizes

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