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There are three different ways to earn e-Rewards currency. You decide how you want to earn by choosing to participate in as many or few opportunities as you like.

e-Offer® Let advertisers who value your time share unique offers selected especially for you. By reading e-Offer e-mails you can earn $.50 to $1.00 in e-Rewards currency per email sent. In some cases, you’ll have the opportunity to earn much more per e-mail. And, it’s simple! You’ll earn e-Rewards just for receiving an e-mail and additional e-Rewards when you view the details and share your thoughts.

Earn Now! Offers Instantly earn $1 to $10 in e-Rewards currency by registering for free partner opportunities or responding to no-risk trial offers. Just click on the Earn Now! tab above and you’ll find an assortment of offers to choose from. And, as always, there’s no obligation to purchase anything!

e-Rewards® Survey Share your opinions and shape the development of new products and services when you participate in an e-Rewards Survey. These occasional surveys are easy to complete, and since we only send invitations to participate in surveys that match your unique interests, we're confident you’ll find them fun and interesting. Plus, members are rewarded generously for participating in an e-Rewards Survey, with some offering $20 or more in e-Rewards!

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Number of Reviews:  5 Overall Rating:  ( 5.4 )    
Survey Frequency ( 5.8 )    
Survey Quality ( 4.8 )    
Survey Compensation ( 5.2 )    
Timely Payment ( 6.2 )    
Overall/Other ( 5.2 )    

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