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Encuesta, Inc. is a leading market research firm in the U.S. that specializes in the Hispanic market.

With the help of people like you, who give us their opinion about a product or a service, we are able to assist companies in finding out how to better their product or service. You, the consumer, are the one who ultimately benefits from this!

After you join and provide us with your profile:

  • You will be notified via e-mail of any new studies
  • Participation is voluntary
  • When you return to our site, just give us your e-mail address and password
  • Fill out the online survey
  • When you submit the completed survey you will automatically receive by mail the incentive promised (typically $3.00 to $5.00 per survey or a gift)
  • You will also automatically be entered into our per study drawing for a chance to win cash prizes (typically $250.00 - $500.00)

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