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Education Research

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Site Overview
Education Research Project is a national, independent research organization that conducts research on educational products, services, and trends for public and private institutions on a national, regional, and local basis. Since 1990, the Education Research Project has worked to discover what you (the front-line educator, supervisor, principal, or administrator) find works or doesn't work -- and what's needed or not needed -- in today's classrooms. Our work is solely for research purposes, does not involve sales of any kind, and guarantees protection of participants' names and privacy.

The Benefits of Participating:
Better Materials For Students, Opportunities for You. How your ideas, reactions, insights and opinions help us. You may be testing an idea, developing or comparing a product or service -- or some element of it. Both public and private organizations use the results of the research to guide the development of new curricula, software, textbooks, web sites, and other leading-edge educational materials and programs.

How We Repay You.
Because we value the professional opinions of our participants, those who take part in our research projects typically receive a gratuity. Gratuities will vary depending upon the time and effort required for each individual project. Research projects in which you might participate include:

  • Focus/discussion groups
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Reviews of materials
  • Testing new products or services

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