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Site Overview
The American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) is owned by Decision Analyst, Inc. located in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area in the United States. Despite the name, ACOP operates worldwide and welcomes international members for their paid online surveys. Membership with ACOP is completely free and the panel is described as �a worldwide network of people who get paid for sharing their opinions and ideas by answering online surveys.�

Typically, ACOP will send out a �screener� survey which will be used to qualify you for the longer, paid survey. Screeners are typically short in length and by filling them out you will be entered into a drawing for multiple cash prizes. If you qualify for a longer paid online survey, you will be rewarded with a cash payment between $4 and $50, depending on the length of the survey. They will also, occasionally host an online focus group, which generally pay at least $25.

If you live in the United States or Canada any cash rewards for online surveys will be paid via check. Outside of the United States and Canada you will be paid by American Express gift cheque (just as good as cash).

You can probably expect to receive 1-2 paid survey opportunities per month. Of course this will vary based on your demographic. Again, you will first be sent the screener questionnaire followed by the actual online survey if you qualify.

Free Paid Surveys' Review of ACOP

Review Date:  June 22, 2005 Overall Rating:  ( 8.2 )    
Survey Frequency ( 8 )    
Survey Quality ( 7 )    
Survey Compensation ( 8 )    
Timely Payment ( 10 )    
Overall/Other ( 8 )    
ACOP has proven to be a very solid free paid survey site. The surveys are general interesting and function well. I usually recieve an invite, well a screener questionaire, at least once a month. The screener surveys can be a bit repetitive, but at least you get a drawing entry for filling them out, unlike most other sites where you get nothing if you don't qualify for the paid survey. I have been paid by them on multiple occassions, both for completing online surveys and for winning a drawing. Compensation amounts seem to match survey length. Checks are always sent in a timely manner and just show up in the mail. All around a very solid site.

Overall User Reviews for ACOP

Number of Reviews:  11 Overall Rating:  ( 7.3 )    
Survey Frequency ( 5.9 )    
Survey Quality ( 7.6 )    
Survey Compensation ( 7.1 )    
Timely Payment ( 8.5 )    
Overall/Other ( 7.4 )    

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