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It's free. It's easy. It's now. Finally a cell phone program that pays you for simply answering text message questions. This is your personal invitation to be the first person on your block to sign up as a Member of PollCast, the cell phone program where "It Pays To Be Smart". It's a completely opt-in, anti-spam environment and you can opt out at any time. PollCast uses SMS messages to conduct polls. A question and multiple answers are passed to your cell phone. Each time a member is polled they may be entitled to various levels of compensation dictated by the sponsor/client of each poll or query. The compensation amount (min goal of $.25) will appear at the beginning of the query and will be in the form of cash that is paid to you via paypal (see compensation page for details). In the future, other compensation methods including: points (hotel or car rental), miles (airlines), ring tones, song downloads, credit to your cell phone bill directly etc. will be offered. The sponsor/client of the poll will typically be major consumer product companies, but could also be local businesses, governments, affinity groups, etc

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