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How many times have you asked your friends: "Can you recommend me a good pediatrician?", "Do you know any good real estate agent who can help us buy a house?", "I'm thinking of remodeling my kitchen, but I don't know of any good contractor."? We believe that all of us have had good or bad experiences with services we have used in the past, but these experiences don't get communicated well enough to other folks who might benefit from them. This communication is crucial to stay well-informed about the services available in our neighborhoods especially crucial for those services that affect our lives more deeply than others. For example, hiring an incompetent doctor can make life miserable and leave us with complications to deal with for the rest of our lives. Wouldn't it be nice to be well-informed beforehand? Propinions attempts to solve this problem by providing a centralized forum for people to share their experiences on a variety of services they have used in the past, as well as read about other people's experiences. Think of Propinions as your very own site your voice to the world. We believe that if all of us can express a few opinions on this forum, we will end up with a world that is more informed... a world in which it is much easier to make a decision before hiring somebody to do our work... a world in which good businesses will be rewarded and bad ones will suffer... a world in which businesses will give you good service just so that you don't write bad things about them on Propinions!

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