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Opinion Outpost

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Site Overview
Opinion Outpost is a survey research data collection company. We help leading firms make more effective decisions through the use of research-based information. Opinion Outpost asks its website visitors to join a panel of respondents willing to share opinions and relevant information with us about various products and services. We are only interested in your opinions. Membership is free.

Members agree to receive survey invitations via e-mail and may also decide to participate over the phone. Members can pick which surveys they want to take; there is no requirement to take any particular survey. Your information will not be used to contact you for any other purpose.

Benefits: Members of Opinion Outpost have a unique opportunity to help shape and influence the policies, products and services of the world around them. Your opinions and views are used by leading survey research consultancies throughout North America and the world to improve consumer products and services worldwide. By way of example, the collected data can be used to measure customer satisfaction, awareness of various advertisements, new concept testing or public opinion on a variety of political issues.

Opinion Points: The Opinion Points program is our way of thanking you for your participation. You will earn Opinion Points for each survey you complete. The number of Opinion Points possible will be displayed with each survey invitation or on the opening page of the survey. Opinion Points are redeemable for cash.

Once you have signed up with Opinion Outpost, be sure to login to your account, add them to your bookmarks and fill out the profile surveys located in the "Grand Hotel" section of the site.

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Survey Frequency ( 6.3 )    
Survey Quality ( 8.7 )    
Survey Compensation ( 7.3 )    
Timely Payment ( 9.3 )    
Overall/Other ( 7.7 )    

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