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Join our panel and you'll be able to tell us your thoughts on a variety of subjects! Surveys will be conducted frequently and you'll be asked your opinion on a lot of different issues. Current events affecting our city, nation news stories, sports and just about anything you might expect to find in the newspaper. Survey results will be published in the Journal on a regular basis. See how your opinions stack up with the rest of the panel!

When you are chosen for a survey, you'll receive an e-mail message. The surveys are very short and conducted on-line. It's lots of fun and easy. All responses are completely anonymous. We promise that your name, information and e-mail address will never be sold or used for any other purpose. Plus, each time you complete a survey, you're entered into a drawing to win a cash prize!

"You're the Source" surveys will be conducted by WiredInsights, an independent national online research company, located in Winston-Salem. As part of our panel, you'll also be part of the WiredInsights panel and will have the opportunity to participate in national studies.

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