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Wild Planet Toys

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Site Overview
We value consumers' opinions so we've created the Toy Opinion Panel™ (T.O.P.) to find out what YOU want! We're looking for parents AND kids to help us design the toys of tomorrow!

What Can You Do?
Outside Northern California

You could test "top secret" toy ideas by joining our Toy Advisory Panel! Over a year, you will receive e-mail invitations to participate in surveys or on-line discussion groups. As a panel expert, you will have the opportunity to give us YOUR opinion on everything from new toy ideas to your taste in music. You'll also have a chance to win cool toys! (Parental permission required)
In Northern California
Host a Toy Opinion Party at your school or home! Adults arrange for a group of 5-6 kids to get together. Then we'll come to your house or school with lots of great toy ideas to show you. Each group is about an hour long and every kid who participates receives a cool toy. Adults also receive a reward for hosting! You could even bring the T.O.P. program to your school or organization! We can hold Toy Opinion Parties at your local school or community organization. Hosts (teachers, administrators, program coordinators) qualify to receive a donation for their class or program!

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