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When we evaluate products for clients we often are in need of local participants who have different jobs, different computing skills (including none) and who would like to have a say BEFORE products are released.

Web users are needed for usability tests, focus groups, and user surveys. Simply fill out our enrollment form and we will contact you.

Help organizations develop more usable products of the sort that you will likely be using at work or at home. For years, we've been asking developers to consider the users. Now they are and they need users to consider. You get to make a difference. Product developers will use your information (don't worry - it will be anonymous!) to help in redesigning the user interface. You will be paid for your time. We'll tell you how much when we contact you about a particular study.

As a participant, you would most likely be required to come to our usability lab in Silver Spring, Maryland. Normally, we need participants for one session lasting from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. We'll tell you the hours that will be required when we call about the possibility of you being a participant. Every evaluation is different but the usual evaluation would ask you to do some tasks with a particular software product. We'd video tape the computer screen and we capture your face on video also (you'll be asked to sign a video consent form). We treat video data as confidential information. We use this as data along with noting the times users take to do tasks and the difficulties they have. Frequently we'll either interview you or have you fill out a questionnaire after the session for your opinions on how easy the product was to use.

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