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Usability Sciences

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USC is actively recruiting people to participate in our usability tests and our online research projects. We look for people with work experience in a variety of industries and from a range of technical backgrounds, from experienced to novice Internet users.

You get paid to give us your feedback on the product tested! 1-2 hours is the typical length of a testing session. A usability analyst will observe and videotape your interactions with the product/website. The information obtained will be used to improve future releases of the product/website tested. Prospective participants should feel comfortable being videotaped and giving verbal feedback (thinking aloud) while working with the product/website. Some products/websites are not yet released, so all information remains confidential. (You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.)

If you do participate in a usability study, most often compensation is monetary. The incentive for each study differs, but you will be informed of the specific compensation if you are scheduled.

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