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TNS is one of New Zealand's leading market research companies and we would love to hear your opinions! We work with a wide variety of well known companies and organisations. We help them to understand what you, their customers and potential customers, want and need. This helps them to gain an insight into what really matters to you and to improve the products and services they offer.

We talk to people about all sorts of things, from nappies to mortgages, mobile phones to community services, coffee to power tools. There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to hear your honest opinions.

We conduct surveys in a wide variety of ways: by phone, in shopping malls, via the internet and by mail. For some surveys we need to sit down with people and have a good relaxed chat about the issue we're looking into. In these situations we invite people from our Consumer Panel to take part in small group discussions, individual interviews or in the testing of products. These usually take place in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, and occasionally in other centres. Incentives (cash or product) are often offered to thank you for your time and input.

If you would like to be included on our Consumer Panel, please take a moment to provide us with your contact details by clicking here and we'll send you an application form. Once you are registered, we will contact you from time to time to offer you the opportunity to take part in a market research survey.

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