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Science Advisory Board

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Notes:*Scientific and medical experts
Site Overview
The Science Advisory Board welcomes new applications for membership! To be eligible for membership, you must be employed full-time in an organization engaged in any aspect of life science research or clinical care. Applications from full-time graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are also welcome, however, undergraduate students will not be accepted to the Board at this time.

Registering for membership takes only a few minutes. This information will only be used to ensure that you are invited to participate in studies that match your areas of expertise and, where appropriate, to verify your qualifications and award your honoraria. No personally identifying information will ever be released to any third-party.

The Science Advisory Board comprises two separate panels. Our Research Panel is composed of scientists and laboratory professionals at universities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and private institutions engaged in basic and applied life science research.

Our Clinical Panel is composed of physicians, nurses, laboratory specialists, allied health professionals, administrators and others involved directly in patient care.

Our Dual Panel encompasses members with both research and clinical expertise.

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