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Notes:Quite a unique site, check it out
Site Overview
BzzAgent was created for one purpose and one purpose only to help harness, automate, and measure honest Word-of-Mouth. That's it! No other bells, whistles, or flashy other promises.

The personal nature of a BzzAgent campaign requires honesty in order for the participants to maintain credibility. Agents aren't out there talking to strangers unless they are doing it naturally and honestly. They are out there talking to people in their network who know them and trust them.

What we want you to know is that BzzAgent is not about "secretive" marketing and sales. This is about you experiencing and interacting with new, interesting products and services, and sharing your honest opinion with others (and with us at Central Hive)!

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Number of Reviews:  5 Overall Rating:  ( 4.9 )    
Survey Frequency ( 4.8 )    
Survey Quality ( 5.8 )    
Survey Compensation ( 5.0 )    
Timely Payment ( 3.4 )    
Overall/Other ( 5.6 )    

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