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Thank you for your interest in joining the TechWise Research Panel for Technology Professionals! Joining a panel is a great and convenient way to directly influence the products and services that companies develop for customers. As a panel member, we protect your privacy and offer great prizes too!

Many of the companies we work with are Fortune 100 firms in the computer and telecommunications industries. The firms we work with are continually trying to improve the products and services they provide. Thanks to people like you who take the time to complete surveys, these companies can make better business decisions and develop products that best meet your needs.

TechWise Research implements many different types of studies. Some are web-based surveys, while others are web-based focus groups, telephone focus groups, telephone surveys, or one-on-one interviews. Regardless of the type of study we invite you to participate in, we respect and value your time and try to keep each study as brief as possible.

Prizes Our panel members have found participating, a fun and rewarding experience! As a panel survey member, not only will you have the opportunity to influence the direction of products developed, but you will often be either paid, and/or have the chance to win prizes just for completing our surveys! Since its inception in 2000, we have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and exciting prizes such as digital cameras, PDAs, and color printers! Additionally, we are currently developing more exciting programs for our panel participants!

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