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Make your opinion count! By joining the panel at, you will have the unique opportunity of shaping the way you see things on the Internet and TV. In future surveys, you will impact such issues as the following: The content and layout of your favorite Web sites. New sitcoms and dramas the television networks will be airing. How local television station presents its news broadcasts. What new products will be coming soon to department stores.

Some of the surveys we will be conducting on will include prize drawings as an added incentive for your participation. The prizes will vary depending on the survey, but will likely include cash or merchandise. The e-mail invitation for the survey will clearly note when a prize drawing will take place.

Part of our goal at is to present you with interesting, stimulating, visually pleasing surveys. We welcome any feedback you wish to give, and will occasionally ask you directly what you think of a specific survey and its online appearance.

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