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Study Response

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Site Overview
StudyResponse is a university project dedicated to helping academic researchers do quality online research. We only do academic research - that is, research that is related to science or practice but does not pertain to a product or service.

Researchers using StudyResponse generally offer raffle-type incentives for participation, typically in the form of a gift certificate to a popular online vendor such as Whether you are selected to receive a raffle-type incentive will depend upon the number of participants and the number of incentives supplied by the academic researchers who use StudyResponse. Our licensing policies ensure that the total dollar value of incentives and the number of participants eligible for a prize draw remain proportional.

In addition to raffle type incentives, some research offers the opportunity to learn about you, your family, or your job, based on responses that you provide to the researchers' online surveys. It is always your right as a research participant to obtain a report of the research in which you participated and this can be accomplished by contacting the researchers whose names and email addresses are shown in the study recruiting messages you receive.

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