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Restaurant Poll

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Site Overview is the Internet-based research division of Sandelman & Associates, Inc. Sandelman & Associates, Inc. is a marketing research and consulting firm that was established in 1988 to provide foodservice companies with the consumer information they need to direct their marketing and operations efforts. Sandelman & Associates, Inc. has provided consumer data to more than 80 restaurant chains and has earned a solid reputation for reliability within the foodservice industry.

Sandelman & Associates, Inc. conducts a wide variety of syndicated and custom research studies. These range from trading area surveys, to owner follow-up studies, to in-store research. The Foodservice Consumer Monitor ® is Sandelman & Associates’ syndicated research program that includes several awareness, usage and attitude consumer tracking studies. This program encompasses over 100,000 consumer interviews per year and has been conducted in more than 100 individual markets across the U.S.

How the Site Works Participants register, fill out surveys, and are entered into the Monthly Sweepstakes Drawings for each survey completed. There are limits on the number of surveys that can be completed within a week, month or other time period. These limits will be posted at the beginning of each survey.

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