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Product Testing Services

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Since 1985, PTS has exchanged thousands of products and other incentives to our members in exchange for their willingness to evaluate client products, then give their feedback via web surveys.

How it works. As a member, you will be sent email invitations to participate in various projects. These invitations will detail the project (type of product, time and testing requirements, dates of the project, incentives, etc.). If you are qualified and interested in participating, you will be asked to fill out a brief screening survey. You only need to register for projects which interest you. Actual participants are then selected from those screener registrations.

Membership is free. All participation is voluntary. You can unsubscribe whenever you like. All personal data you give us in your registration or in subsequent surveys is kept confidential. We will never share our database list and information with any third party without your permission. Your information will never be used to try and sell you something. Sometimes, with product evaluations, a client will request identifying information about you, such as name and email address, so that they can ask follow up questions. In these cases, we ask your permission as part of the screening process, before you join a panel.

Incentives. We recognize that your time is as valuable as ours and anyone else's. We always try and present you with an incentive which matches the value of your time involved. Sometimes, depending on the retail value of the product, you simply get to keep the product. Other times, there may also be a cash or coupon exchange offered. Quite often we also offer bonus prizes to randomly selected participants.

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