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The foundation of our market research reports is the feedback we receive from life science researchers who take their time to answer our surveys. We value and protect their input.

If you are active in life science research, and would like to make your views and experiences known, we invite you to register to take part in future survey questionnaires. We are currently conducting surveys on a wide variety of areas in use in bioresearch. Our studies have included sequencing, amplification, bioassays, detection, proteomics, bioinformatics, cell biology, tissue culture, immunology, and many other similar fields. We also conduct numerous custom studies for individual clients on a variety of topics such as high throughput screening, biochips, new separation methodologies, and evaluating new product concepts.

We will preserve your anonymity and use the survey results only to obtain composite statistical data. We will not sell or exchange mailing lists, and we do not engage in telemarketing - your information stays with us and will only be used for bona-fide market research. We will faithfully record your responses when we report our findings so that manufacturers responsible for the products and services you rely on will hear your voice. Usually, we offer a variety of gifts to thank you for taking part in our surveys. These range from flashlights, laser pointers, Blockbuster gift cards, pocket knives, Barnes & Noble gift certificates, Starbucks coffee, Inova brilliant keychain microlights, jelly beans, or crisp new 5 Euro banknotes.

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