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Opinions Unlimited

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Your opinion counts! And we Pay You Money. Why should you take the time to participate in marketing research? When you share your ideas and opinions, you help companies develop better products and services… products and services that make your life more productive, interesting and fun. Participating in marketing and opinion research is engaging -- you'll find it intriguing to learn how similar or different your peers think and feel about relevant topics.

What is a Focus Group? A focus group is an opportunity to meet with 8-10 other people to discuss a particular topic… from politics or healthcare to products and services you use everyday. A professional discussion leader guides the session. Representatives of the research sponsor (typically people in the marketing, advertising or product / service development) usually observe the session. The sessions are held in a facility designed to encourage interaction and equipped with one-way mirrors and audio or video recording equipment.

The purpose of research is to gather timely information, so our studies are "fast turnaround" - we usually have no more than ten days to find the people needed. When we call, we will ask questions to determine if you fit the specifications required to participate in the study. If you qualify, we will ask you to participate in the study. If you agree to participate, it is extremely important that you follow through. We request that you notify us immediately if you cannot participate so we can find someone to take your place.

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