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Our business is to help other businesses serve their customers better or to improve their relationships with their employees. To do this, they need to ask those customers and employees how they feel about what the business is doing. Once they understand how their products and services are being perceived, it is up to them to make the necessary improvements.

These forward-looking companies need input from a wide range of backgrounds and attitudes and outlooks. That's why they ask for help. As an independent source of marketing help, we can advise them based on what we learn from respondents like you, taking only the facts into account. Our objective views are particularly valuable. We get the data for those views from our panel of consumers like you. In return, some of these companies will provide discounts, coupons, or even money for the participation of respondents. Sometimes they'll ask us to provide these premiums, and sometimes they don't.

We would like you to join our panel of worldwide "experts." Yes, you're expert at how you feel about the subjects we'll ask you about. We value your opinions, and we'd like you to allow us to ask for your help periodically. You can be absolutely sure that we will not divulge your name or any specific information about you to anyone outside of Our clients are interested in statistical data compiled from many responses. Our statistics are compiled using demographic data, such as age, gender, and sometimes additional information.

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