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The continuing spread of the Internet across Germany and Europe offers new opportunities for doing market research quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Konkret has created onquest in order to take full advantage of these opportunities and make them available to its customers.

Respondents fill in a questionnaire online. The reponses are stored in a data bank on the Internet server, so they can be evaluated whenever you like in real time and presented graphically. You, as the client, have the chance to identify emerging trends even while the study is still ongoing, by accessing a special password protected site. A more detailed analysis, including a full report on results, will be drawn up as soon as the study is completed. The data sets will also be made available to you to download, if required, for your own further use.

If you are interested in participating in our interviews and evaluations, just fill in the questionnaire below. Registration is completely free of charge. In the case of an interview, you will receive an incentive which is based up on the length of the interview.

When a new study starts, you will be contacted via email. Then you can decide whether you wish to participate in the study or not.

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