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Microsoft Usability Labs - Standard

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Your opinions count. With them, we can make your software better. Which is why we invite you to spend a few hours with us and our products under development and tell us exactly what you think. Microsoft usability research focuses on how people interact with software. The information we gather is translated directly into product design improvements, so your feedback really makes a difference. We conduct several types of studies on an ongoing basis from lab research on campus to survey and site visits.

Get involved in the product development process and help us understand your needs by signing up to participate in one of our Usability Research studies.

Whether this is your first time using a computer, or the computer is a daily part of your life; we have studies for everyone to participate in.

Where do we do the research? While most of this research revolves around Lab Studies or Focus Groups conducted on our main campus in Redmond, WA (U.S.A.), we also conduct online surveys and Field Studies for individuals who reside outside of this region.

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