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Market Equity

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If you would like to have your opinions heard, or have direct input into advertising, new products or services, you can register to come to one of our group discussions, or take part in our on online surveys.

Please note: Only Australian residents are eligible to register for these panels.

Informal group discussions are one of the most popular forms of market research we undertake. You may have heard of them referred to as Focus Groups. These groups are usually held with around 8-10 people and are usually 1.5 2 hours in duration. They are moderated by a professional market research consultant. Everything said in these groups is kept strictly confidential.

We hold group discussions to research a wide variety of topics such as: New Advertising, Taste Tests, New Product Tests, Current Affairs and Customer Service. We already have many thousands of people on our database. Please be assured, if you decide to register, your name will not end up being used for any other purpose than pure market research. We also offer a cash gift of between $40 and $100 depending on the group length or subject matter.

If you also register to be part of our online surveys, you will have the opportunity to have your say on a range of topical issues at a time convenient to you, and have a chance to win valuable prizes.

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