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Site Overview
Lightspeed Research was founded by WPP, one of the world's leading communications services groups, in 1999. They currently accept members from the United States and Canada. They also have an Australian division (see �Lightspeed Australia� in the Australian Free Paid Survey directory) and they also manage the �IntelliQuest Tech Panel�. Lightspeed uses a points based system for survey compensation. When you sign up to take paid online surveys through Lightspeed, you will be set up with a user account. There you will access surveys, participate in mini-polls and quick matches and have access to your points balance. Points can be cashed in for cash, gift certificates or merchandise. You�ll have to have a minimum of 500 point (equivalent to $5, or $1 per 100 points) to cash out, and points can be held until you choose to cash out.

Generally you can expect to receive a quite a few paid online survey invitations. You may receive as many as one per week, depending on your demographic. The number of points per survey varies, depending on survey length.

In addition to their regular paid surveys, you can access their Quick Matches and Mini-Polls through your account. The Quick Matches are short surveys that tell Lightspeed more about you to help them match you with future surveys. Make sure you fill these out when you can to increase you survey invitation chances. The Mini-Polls are just one question on a topic of interest. Where filling out both the Quick Matches and Mini-Polls do not get you any points, they do give you an entry into their quarterly $5,000 giveaway and their daily 5,000 points ($50) a day giveaway.

Free Paid Surveys' Review of Lightspeed

Review Date:  June 22, 2005 Overall Rating:  ( 6.8 )    
Survey Frequency ( 10 )    
Survey Quality ( 8 )    
Survey Compensation ( 7 )    
Timely Payment ( 6 )    
Overall/Other ( 3 )    
Lightspeed has become one of the staple site for anyone involved in paid online surveys. They tend to send out quite a few surveys per month (usually around 3 or 4) an their points system is makes their site quite interesting. I also like the fact that you can gain drawing entries by filling out the quick matches and mini-polls. I generally like their points system allowing me to save up my pionts from surveys and cash them out whenever I'd like, and having the option to recieve cash is a big plus in my book. Some of the surveys could pay a little more, given their length, but all in all they're pretty fair.

The paid surveys themselves are generally interesting and are functionally sound. I would like to see a suspend function on them however.

I have cashed out my points on multiple occassions. I have never had a problem when I've chosen to be paid cash. The check comes in a timely fashion, for the right amount etc... I have however had problems when I cashed out for an Amazon gift certificate, as have others. Where an electronic gift certificate should only take a couple of days to recieve, I've had to wait almost a couple of months (and sent a few emails to boot).

The biggest short coming of Lightspeed is their customer service. The website portrays their spokesperson "Lauren" as a friendly, super-helpful woman who would be more than happy to help you out. Unfortunately, I don't think "Lauren" checks her email very often. I have sent multiple emails over the years, some just a simple inquiry, and most go unanswered, at least until I have resent them way too many times.

Overall, I would say Lightspeed is a very good paid survey site. One can rack up a fair amount of points over the course of a year. I would however recommend choosing the cash option when converting your points to avaid a headache. If they would improve their customer service, I would rate this site as one of the best.

Overall User Reviews for Lightspeed

Number of Reviews:  8 Overall Rating:  ( 6.2 )    
Survey Frequency ( 7.1 )    
Survey Quality ( 5.8 )    
Survey Compensation ( 6.0 )    
Timely Payment ( 6.1 )    
Overall/Other ( 5.9 )    

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