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L&E Research

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If you live in eastern North Carolina, you may get paid for your time, ideas, and opinions. Take part in FOCUS GROUP MARKET RESEARCH. Our participants come from a large database of people in eastern North Carolina who have expressed interest in focus groups at L&E Research. Take part in this process and get paid for your opinions.

Focus group research is a popular form of qualitative market research used by manufacturers, service providers, political parties, ad agencies, charitable organizations, attorneys, and most other industries to gather consumer input on wide varieties of projects. In all instances these industries use this information to help them provide better products and services to the consuming public.

Focus groups usually consist of 8-12 people who are pre-screened to a set of specifications given to L&E Research by the company who is conducting the research. These screens usually consist of age, income, and gender specifications, as well as other screens to the product or service about which the researcher is seeking consumer's advice.

The focus group session is most often held at the office of L&E Research and usually lasts between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Participants are always paid for their time and opinions.

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