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Notes:*Children age 6-14
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Welcome to, where kids tell us what's on their minds--and get free stuff for doing it! With each survey you complete, you'll earn valuable points that you can turn in for cash and/or prizes.

The surveys will ask you all kinds of questions about all kinds of stuff: movies, food, music, toys, other web sites, etc. Some of the surveys will be short and take just a few minutes to finish and some surveys might be long. Every time you complete one, you get KidzPoints. You can earn anywhere from hundreds to a few thousand KidzPoints (worth approximately $2-$20) for each survey you complete.

At any time, you can look up your KidzPoints total on the web site. We'll also send you a log book so you can keep track at home. It's sort of like having a savings account. You can exchange your points for money whenever you have more than 1000 points ($10). Or you can keep your KidzPoints in your account and save up for a fat check. And from time to time KidzEyes gives away cool games, T-shirts and other fun prizes as an extra thank you for helping us.

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Number of Reviews:  3 Overall Rating:  ( 6.5 )    
Survey Frequency ( 5.0 )    
Survey Quality ( 7.0 )    
Survey Compensation ( 6.0 )    
Timely Payment ( 8.3 )    
Overall/Other ( 6.3 )    

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