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Hill Top Research

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Site Overview
Hill Top Research is the world's leading consumer product testing laboratory. With research sites in the US and Canada, we are located in different climates to test the different ways that products work. Each year, Hill Top completes about 700 studies with approximately 35,000 study participants just like you.

Every day, we (consumers) buy products such as shampoos, cosmetics, antiperspirants, deodorants, moisturizers, and many others. We think of these products as common, and we assume that they will perform the way the manufacturers claims they will. However, before reaching the marketplace, most products have gone through a series of tests designed to prove that the product is safe to use and will do what the manufacturer claims it will do. When you see or hear any advertisement about a new or improved product, chances are that the new product was tested at a Hill Top Research site.

Study participants are important to the success of Hill Top Research. The product data that our clients require is possible through the loyalty of our excellent participants just like you.

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